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A Minnesota man is headed to federal prison for running a drug trafficking operation while he was in state prison.

US Attorney Andrew Luger says 39-year-old Robert Maloney Junior has been given a 262-month prison sentence for his conviction on a charge of conspiring to distribute methamphetamine. During his trial earlier this year, federal prosecutors presented evidence showing the St. Cloud man coordinated with dollars outside of prison to distribute and sell methamphetamine.

Wabasha County Sheriff's Office (click to enlarge)
Wabasha County Sheriff's Office (click to enlarge)

The evidence included recordings of phone calls between Maloney and his co-conspirators while he was incarcerated in 2019. Those recordings included conversations during which Maloney arranged meetings, and discussed methamphetamine prices and quantities of the drug as he gave direction to and coordinated the activities of his partners on the other side of the prison walls.

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