A movie crew has arrived in Excelsior, MN to film a Hollywood movie and people are pretty excited! Best of all, the movie is being produced by an Owatonna production company, Winter State Entertainment. The movie is called Lapham Rising and is starring Frank Langella (who has been filming in Excelsior!). He has been in movies like Frost/Nixon and Robot and Frank.

They picked Excelsior instead of New York because it's cheaper to film here. According to FOX 9, "Excelsior is a stand-in for the Hamptons, while Lake Minnetonka doubles as a bay in the Atlantic Ocean."

Some Excelsior residents have spotted filming taking place and have posted it on the Lake Minnetonka Fan Club Facebook page.

According to Deadline, other actors that will be in the movie are Bobby Cannavale, Ashley Benson, and Stockard Channing. Could they also show up in Excelsior? Maybe!



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