The newest Caribou Coffee in Rochester is set to have its Grand Opening next week at their new Shoppes on Broadway location.

Caribou Coffee Is Ready To Open 11th Rochester Location

Our co-worker, Jessica Williams, filled us in back in January that an 11th Caribou Coffee would be opening up in Rochester. According to a press release from Caribou, we now know that the official opening day will be Tuesday, May 18th, along with a Grand Opening celebration on Friday, and a Grand Opening Weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

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According to the release, the coffeehouse will feature both indoor and outdoor dining, as well as a drive-thru. Guests will be able to enjoy all of their favorite beverages and food options, too. The new location also plans to have some  "delicious offerings from Caribou’s evolving next-generation food menu" 

Grand Opening Weekend

The coffee shop will also host a Grand Opening celebration on Friday, May 21st where Caribou Coffee will offer $1 off a large or XL purchase. On Saturday, May 22nd, and Sunday, May 23rd, Caribou Coffee will host their Grand Opening Weekend where for every visit Caribou will donate $1 to Ability Building Community (ABC).

Rochester Is Buzzing About Coffee

Have you checked out Scooter's Coffee yet? Scooters opened up in Rochester back in late April and recently held a Grand Opening event of their own on May 6th. 

Whether it is one of Caribou's 11 different locations, Starbucks, Scooter's, Moka, Cafe Steam, or any of the local coffeehouses in town,  you can grab a cup just about anywhere!

Keep your eyes peeled in Stewartville, too. A Cabin Coffee is set to open up sometime this summer. I have driven by it pretty much every day on my way to work since they started to build, and it is coming along fantastic!

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