Undated (KROC-AM News)- Minnesota’s ice fishing season is not yet in full swing, however the DNR is getting the word out about a new law impacting all ice anglers. 

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The law’s aim is to protect the environment and the experience for anyone venturing onto one of thousands of frozen lakes across Minnesota.

It’s meant to solve an annual problem seen on the state’s lakes. 

The new law prohibits anyone bringing an ice shelter, vehicle or any other conveyance onto a lake from depositing garbage on the ice. This includes cigarette butts, sewage, debris and any other type of waste. 

The DNR says conservation officers have constantly received complaints of litter left on the ice. The fine for violating the law is $100. 

Anglers can dispose of garbage and other waste in containers attached to their ice shelters. The DNR is encouraging anyone ice fishing to make a plan to properly dispose of their waste. 

Click here for more information on the new state law.

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