US Economy Adds Jobs, While Unemployment Rate Rises To 9.9 Percent
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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The ranks of the unemployed in the Rochester area set an all-time high last month as a result of the coronavirus pandemic Stay at Home order.

The latest jobs report from the state shows the number of Olmsted County residents listed as unemployed jumped more than 150-percent from March to just over 6000. The unemployment rate went from 2.7-percent in March to 6.9-percent in April, The jobless rate was the highest it has been since the spring of 2010 when it also peaked at 6.9-percent.

The highest unemployment rate reported in southeastern Minnesota last month was 8.6-percent in Goodhue County, which had a jobless rate of 3.4-percent the previous month. The lowest rate in the region was found in both Mower and Houston Counties at 6.1-percent. The rate in Mower County in March was 3.3-percent and it was 3.8-percent in Houston County.

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