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Every week the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office releases their #WarrantWednesday video, and each week we'll feature the video and warrants.

Although it's been added to each image, a reminder. If you recognize someone, it's not your job to approach them, try to detain them, or do anything other than call the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office and let them know your info.

Olmsted County Sheriff's Office - Warrant Wednesday 04-14-21

Every Wednesday, the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office publishes the latest warrants. If you see any of these people, do not approach or attempt to apprehend them. Instead, during weekdays call 507-328-6830. After 5 PM and on weekends, call 507-328-6800.
Their hope is to "create awareness and hopefully gain information on the location of those highlighted."

This gallery is of individuals wanted as of April 14, 2021. If you are viewing this gallery at any time after that date, the warrants listed in the video could be settled.

If you see any of these individuals during weekdays call the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office at 507-328-6830. If it's after 5 PM and on weekends, call 507-328-6800.

The accessible video:



If you've ever doubted the power of Mother Nature, just check out the video of what lightning did to a tree over in Wisconsin.

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See the whole Wisconsin Tree Almost Exploded story, by Curt St. John on Quick Country 96.5, HERE. 

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