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Washington D.C. (KROC-AM News) - Students in Minnesota and across the United States did poorly on the standardized tests for reading and math conducted by the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

The average math score for Minnesota eighth-graders dropped 10 points from 2019 to 280. The average eighth-grade reading score this year was 260 points, which was down three points when compared to 2019. Eighth-grade math scores in Minnesota peaked in 2013 at 294, while reading scores peaked the same year at 271 points.

The average fourth-grade math score this year was 239, down eight points from 2019. Fourth-grade reading scores slid 7 points to 215. The fourth-grade math scores have also been on the decline since 2013 when they peaked at 253. Fourth-grade reading scores in Minnesota also peaked in 2013 at 227 points.


Nationwide, the Nations Report Card shows the "size and scope" of the declines in math are the largest recorded since the federal assessment began in nearly 1990s. the average score for fourth graders was down five points from 2019, while the drop for eighth graders was eight points. The standardized tests showed the losses in reading were not quite as severe with fourth-grade scores in both the fourth and eighth grades down three points.

The assessments also found an increasing number of students failed to meet the basic level of reading and math skills set by the National Assessment of Educational Progress. 25% of fourth graders posted scores below the basic level in math compared to 19% in 2019. 38% of eighth graders cannot meet the standard, which was up from 31% prior to the pandemic.

In reading, the percentage of fourth graders failing to meet the minimum standard rose from 34% in 2019 to 37% this year. In the eighth grade, the percentage of students testing below the basic level also climbed 3 percentage points from 2019 to 30%.

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