A lot of Minnesotans are NOT working. That's very hard on employees who need the income to make house payments, car payments, food, kids' stuff and more. That's also really hard on businesses...so, how are they doing?

How are business feeling in Rochester? On yesterday's Rochester Today (11-Noon Monday thru Friday on KROC-AM and 96.9 FM), Kathleen Harrington, President of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, filled us in on what she's hearing from local business owners.

We're hearing,  obviously, grave grave concern. I mean, pain, people are in pain from having to let employees go... obviously no one is immune from this.  (Kathleen Harrington)

Also part of the conversation is The Chamber reaching out to the state regarding property taxes coming due in May. Will there be an extension? At this point, Harrington says it is under consideration, but they're also talking to Olmsted County to find a solution.

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