Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A member of the Rochester City Council may face a public reprimand from his colleagues in the near future

The city’s Ethical Practices Board has found Michael Wojcik violated the code of ethics based on a complaint filed by the CEO of the Greater Rochester Arts and Cultural Trust earlier this year.

Bari Amadio’s complaint accused the 2nd Ward councilor of trying to force her to give him a copy of a report before it was released publicly. The report was a draft of a master plan commissioned by the trust. Wojcik argued he had a right to see the report because city funds helped pay for it. City Attorney Terry Adkins disagrees because there was no contract between the trust and city.

The Ethical Practices Board says Wojcik’s continued demands violated the city’s code of ethics because he was trying to use his elected position to obtain the report before it was released publicly.

Adkins says it’s not known what the council will do with the board’s findings, which he says can be challenged by Wojcik. Adkins says the council could ignore the report, discuss it or use it to censure Wojcik at a future meeting. Adkins says during his tenure as City Attorney, two council members have been given public reprimands.

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