Are you ready for a Patient Revolution? Dr. Victor Montori thinks it is time for one, a revolution that would remove 'industrial healthcare" from the equation. Wit, Wisdom, and Wine is coming up February 1st at the Rochester Public Library and Dr Montori is one of the speakers (see all the bios HERE)

What's he have to say?

In this conversation we will review how industrial healthcare has corrupted its mission and has stopped caring. We will then consider what would characterize careful and kind care for all and what would it take to achieve it. Our proposal is that it would take a nonviolent revolution led by citizens, students, and professionals. (Wit, Wine, Wisdom)

Click play to hear what's gone wrong and an idea of how it should be. I guarantee you will love listening to this podcast with Dr Montoriat.

Listen, laugh...and then click HERE to register for Wit, Wine, and Wisdom, February first at the Rochester Public Library!

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