Is it really a big deal if we leave snow on our car and just start driving?  If this video doesn't convince you to spend a few extra minutes clearing off your car...not sure what will.

I know the reasons why we don't take the time to get every last pile of snow off our car - we are tired, running late and don't have time, we can't reach the very top of the car, there isn't a brush or scraper in our vehicles, or maybe we aren't dressed appropriately to even be outside in the winter.  (cough...cough...high schoolers)

The snow that is left on the car can be dangerous though.  Maybe it isn't an immediate danger to you but the cars behind you are having to deal with that leftover snow coming at us like the beginning of a Star Wars movie.

Those innocent, white snowflakes might seem precious but the video below from It's Gone Viral shows what can happen when the snowflakes left on a car decide to attack.

More snow is on the way this weekend, so we will get at least one more chance to wipe the snow off of our cars!  Check to see how much is coming here.

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