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Got an opinion about the trees in a city park near your house or on the boulevard on your street? The Rochester Forestry Department wants to know what you think!

The city of Rochester Forestry Division is the part of the Rochester Parks and Recreation Department that's charged with maintaining all the trees you see in and around the Med City. Well, they do much more than that, as well. Here's how the city website describes it:

The Parks Department's Forestry Division is responsible for the management of a comprehensive urban tree program including the reforestation of park and boulevard areas and the maintenance of more than 100,000+ boulevard and public property trees located on 3900+ acres. The division also manages and maintains the urban bikeway system, Peace Plaza and central business district, municipal landscape construction, and enforces the tall grass and noxious weed ordinance.

And, they're looking for YOUR input right now in compiling a new Urban Forestry Master Plan that'll guide the department in planning the future of Rochester's trees. Do you think there should be more trees on your street? Should trees on your block be trimmed more? Less? Here's YOUR chance to sound off and let the folks who make those decisions know what you think.

Click HERE to take the Forestry Division's Urban Forestry Master Plan survey. It's available now through October 4th, and should only take about six minutes to complete. It's likely the Forestry Division will have another survey available later this winter, as well.

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