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Rochester, MN(KROC AM News) - Gasoline prices in Rochester continue rising and one report indicates they are among the highest in the entire state.

Some Rochester stations were selling regular for $2.70 a gallon Thursday morning.

That's an increase of more than 20 cents just this week. The last time gas prices in Rochester were this high was January 2020.

The weather disaster in Texas is being blamed for this week’s spike. Increasing crude oil prices led to earlier increases.The average price of crude has risen by about $10 a barrel since late January.

According to Gas Buddy Minnesota, this has led to an average statewide price of nearly $2.50 per gallon as of Thursday morning. That’s 20-cents higher than a month ago.


Gas Buddy’s latest report shows prices in Rochester and several other cities are the highest in Minnesota.

News update:  The Rochester City Council votes on recommended significant changes to two city boards.

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