Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The enforcement of parking meters in downtown Rochester will resume next week as the Mayo Clinic and other businesses ramp up their operations.

The City of Rochester says the free parking at metered spaces that was instituted as part of the city's response to the pandemic will end on Monday. Parking will still be allowed in the surface lot near the Soldiers Field Memorial and along George Gibbs Drive Southwest at no charge and the enforcement of residential parking permits zones will remain suspended during the month of June.

A news release indicates downtown workers who suspended their monthly parking contracts for spaces in the city-owned parking ramps are instructed to contact Reef Parking well in advance of their restart date. Those wishing to resume their contract on June 1st are urged to make that contact as soon as possible.

The city says the option for contract parkers in the ramps to suspend those contracts will continue to be available through the end of June. All accounts reactivated before July 1st are guaranteed a parking spot in their original location but after that date that could be relocated based on availability. The city also notes that accounts that are not reactivated by the end of the year will be closed.

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