Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  The Rochester Police Department has resurrected a program aimed at preventing older adults from becoming crime victims.

The program - called  “Reverse Boiler Room” - was started in 2000 but discontinued several years ago after reports of various scams aimed at senior citizens began to wane.

The Rochester Police Department and other law enforcement agencies have noticed a recent surge in scams involving tax returns, lotteries, home improvements and others.

Crime Prevention Specialist Darrel Hildebrandt says the department is now working with TRIAD (a partnership involving seniors, police and community groups) to help deal with scams and spread the word when a new one surfaces.

Hildebrandt says TRIAD volunteers will meet once a month to contact citizens who subscribe to the program. Email Information can also be sent more frequently if new scam surface.  


Here is how to register:


Send an e-mail to or call 328-6890 (leave a message) requesting to be put on the SCAMS CONTACT LIST.  Give your name and choose which way you would like to be notified:  E-mail or by Phone.