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Cameo at the Castle, a restaurant in Rochester, sounded the alarm that someone has created a fake account and is posing as them.

We have a scammer trying to pose as us. We will never ask for any personal information over Facebook. Please report the account if they attempt to send friend requests. Thanks everyone! We are working on getting the page blocked.
Cameo-Restaurant is a fake account. - Cameo Restaurant Facebook Page

On their Facebook page, they posted an example of the message that has been sent to individuals through Facebook messenger.  It states the following:

CONGRATULATIONS !!! You were chosen as the winner today.  Grab your prize now by confirming the list on the official site in my top post before I declare your prize has expired.  QUICKLY QUICKLY get your present now.  Reply (READY) if you are ready.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Here are a few other scams that have been active in our area that you should be aware of:

Always remember this - if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  And, if a person you haven't spoken to in a bit all of a sudden sends you a link and wants you to watch a video, give them a call and see if they sent it to you.  There is a good chance they didn't and they were hacked.

gourmet bacon and blue cheese burger

🍔  Back to amazing food in Rochester, which is how this all started...if you are looking for a spot that has an amazing burger, keep scrolling and start drooling!

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