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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Rochester woman today pleaded guilty to a felony riot charge stemming from her involvement in an armed robbery about a year and a half ago.

21-year-old Payton Koob was originally charged with aiding and abetting first-degree aggravated robbery. She was accused of contacting the victim through Snapchat on the afternoon of February 17, 2019, and requesting to purchase some marijuana wax cartridges from him. The man agreed to her request and then went to a residence at the Quarters Apartments to meet with Koob, where he was also met by three men, two of whom he recognized.


While he was in the residence a fourth man joined the group and he threatened the victim with a gun before he was robbed of his cell phone and about $350 in cash. Koob later told police the man with the gun, later identified as Divaunte Young, had instructed her to contact the victim as part of a robbery plan that was hatched the day before. Young was earlier sentenced to just over 4 years in prison.

Koob is scheduled to be sentenced on September 13th. Her criminal history includes a simple robbery conviction stemming from a similar incident that occurred in Zumbrota in December 2018. In that case, the intended victim was shot in the arm while fighting with one of the robbers, and Koob was given a stayed prison sentence and was placed on probation.

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