Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- The Rochester Police Department says a local woman has likely fallen victim to the Puppy Scam. 

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Police Captain Casey Moilanen said the victim posted about her dog dying in a Facebook group this past January. The woman said someone then reached out to her saying they had a puppy for sale for $450 in Council Bluffs, IA. 

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The woman said she put down a $100 deposit and was set to pick up the puppy on February 5 but the scammer said they couldn’t meet in person due to a family emergency. The scammer then told the woman they would ship her the puppy through a faux shipping company called Multi International. 

Tero Vesalainen GettyStock
Tero Vesalainen GettyStock

The woman agreed to cover the shipping cost and other fees associated with the shipment. Moilanen said the victim reported interacting with a contact from the company several times, including one incident when she was told the puppy was waiting for her at the Rochester Airport. 

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The woman said she went to the airport and found the puppy was not there. Moilanen said the woman made 10 payments totaling $1,800 before realizing she had likely fallen victim to the scam. 

Moilanen said the goal of the scam is to get the target emotionally attached to a puppy and get as many payments out of them as possible. He advises the public to physically see and hold a puppy before buying it or sending a potential seller money.

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