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The Rochesterfest Parade scheduled for RCTC this Saturday afternoon has been delayed again. From a story on September 9th on Y-105FM's App...

You know those refrigerator magnets that say "Save The Date"?  Bookmark this, print it off, and tell all of your friends because this is your Save The Date for the Rochesterfest Drive-Through Parade.  Yes!  Another parade is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd.

Before you send me a note saying "Didn't Rochester already have a drive-through parade?".  You are correct, there was a drive-through parade scheduled for Saturday, August 22nd.  Unfortunately, that parade was canceled and you can read that update here. (READ MORE HERE)

In an email late last night, Brandon Helgeson, Executive Director, of Rochesterfest , said concern for the weather and a survey of the parade participants, the parade has been delayed until October 10th.

PERSONAL NOTE: I do not envy Brandon Helgeson's job right now.  Since before the summer started, he has been rallying community support to make sure fun family things happen in Rochester. Covid-19, weather, and just plain #2020 have made it hard for anyone to get stuff done. Yet he keeps going and creating Rochester Events.

Thank you Brandon. Thank you to Rochester's volunteers, business leaders, and anyone jumping on board to help. To me, this parade isn't about Rochesterfest. It's about all of us coming together to be a community. To see and appreciate each other.

If you are interested in participating on the 10th or would like more information, you can reach out to Brandon Helgeson at

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