In mid-February Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein announced that special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian operatives for meddling in U.S. elections to discredit the electoral process and the presidential candidates.

Russian election interference occurred in the Obama years, during which, in 2012, President Obama publicly humiliated GOP candidate Romney who correctly identified Russia as the main geopolitical threat to America. Obama told Romney, “The Cold War was over, Mitt.” Romney exhibited the traditional GOP non-response in that never-ending and failed attempt to “be nice” to gain to no avail media and Democrat favor.

Then Hillary Clinton and Obama promised more outreach to Russia after the election, and tried to set their Russia-U.S. “Reset Button.” When the Russian operatives were first in the United States doing their thing…and it was known then… Secretary of State John Kerry (visas) and James Comey (FBI director)…were on duty.

Rosenstein stated that no Americans were knowingly involved in the Russian collusion machinations, and the plan was to discredit all the presidential candidates. The cabal is said to have managed both pro and anti-Trump demonstrations, some of which got violent.

Some of the political meddling worked against Hillary Clinton’s campaign as well and was favorable to her Democratic/Socialist/Independent rival, Bernie Sanders. Why the Russians would not want Hillary to win is difficult to imagine, given the friendliness of the Clintons toward Russia (Bill Clinton’s $500,000 speech in Russia, the Uranium One deal, Clinton Foundation donations, and the “Reset Button”). One wonders if the electronic wizardry the Russian operatives performed in their activities allowed them access to Democratic National Committee information and even Hillary’s wayward emails).

There is some evidence of Democrat operatives contacting Russian sources in quest of the Clinton-paid for, discredited Russian/Steele Dossier, and Senator Warner’s contact with that “Russian oligarch,” according to reports in Politico, Fox News, and Daily Caller.
Maybe it is time for Russian collusion investigators to speak with Democratic operatives and Christopher Steele if they can’t get those Russian operatives extradited.

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