It was a 'down the rabbit hole' kind of morning. I typed in 'Owatonna' into the search bar of YouTube and ran into a Youtuber with the handle The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns - Topic. The Guy Who Sings, ended up recording a song called Owatonna! Owatonna! Owatonna! and I don't think he got the name right once. Well, curiosity got the best of me and I found his 50-song YouTube album for Minnesota and sure enough, there was a Faribault song, a Hastings song, one about Farmington, Rochester, and the list goes on and on.

I'm not sure if the videos are a serious thing for this YouTuber or simply a parody or spoof on another channel. What I do know is if you can get over some of the cringe-worthy pronunciations of some of the towns you might just find yourself laughing to yourself over some of these. I give to you, The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns' album Very Good Minnesota City Songs Because.

  • Owatonna! Owatonna! Owatonna!

    While he never gets the pronunciation correct during this video, he certainly makes up for it in enthusiasm. "They've got a FIIIIIIIIIIIIINE Public Schoooooool Systemmmm"

  • No One Else Dares To Sing About Faribault, Minnesota!

    A somewhat drum-heavy affair, that gives us the facts about Faribault. "It's on the confluence of the Cannon and Straight Rivers" "It's the Athens of the West!"

  • Rochester, Minnesota Song Forever

    "Rochester is the home to the Mayo Clinic" "You've got the Zumbro river just zooming through the city"

    This one brings a saxophone sound to it, maybe kazoo? Our friend seems to really enjoy all of the facts he has learned about Rochester, as this one is almost 2 minutes long!

  • Minneapolis All-Time Song

    Ragtime meets robocop is how I would describe the music set to the lyrics. "It's the Mill City, It's the Mini-Apple, It's Minneapolis! Oh Yeah!"

  • Saint Paul Is a City

    "It's a little twin city" "The Saint-ly City" The tune sounds a little more ominous than the Minneapolis version. There might be less percussion in this one too, but don't worry there are a lot of YEEEAAAHHHHs in this one.

  • The Truth About Duluth

    "It's on Lake Superior's Shores Duluth, Duluth Minnesota I Like Duluth because Duluth is so nice"

    Jay Cook statue alert! He drops the statue's creator and the intersection of where you can find the remarkable piece of art.

  • Bloomington Is an Excellent City

    "Let's go shopping at the Mall of America"

    It took 25 seconds but the Mall of America was mentioned. I was fooled for a second as the opening stanza salutes the "beautiful river" that is the Minnesota River.

  • [I Made This] Brooklyn Park Song

    There is a feeling of riding a train with this one. You can hear and feel the forward momentum.

    "Up Stream of Downtown Minneapolis"

  • Oh! Plymouth, Minnesota Ok!

    Much like the Brooklyn Park song before it, this one also has some forward momentum sounds to it. Although it's a lighter type of momentum, more of a bicycle ride.

    "I like to say hello when I am in Plymouth Minnesota"

  • Maple Grove Good Place

    This one brings some funk to it. The bass is moving in this one. A true ode to Maple Grove.

    "Oh my goodness! What a great place to live!"

  • Song About Woodbury, Minnesota

    "Wood!BRRRY, MINNESOTA!" "Hop on the highway and drive to Woodbury"

    I'm pretty sure this one opens up with what sounds like "woodbrr-y"

    Maybe we are the ones that aren't pronouncing it right?

  • Brilliant Song About St. Cloud, Minnesota

    "Saint Cloud Minnesota what a great place"

    The title says it all here. Brilliant Song about St. Cloud. It opens with a running bassline followed by some percussion to accompany the lyrics.

  • Here Comes a Song About Eagan, Minnesota

    OOOO Some guitar to open up this jam about Eagan.

    "Eagan, Eagan Minnesota!"

  • I Love Blaine, Minnesota so Much

    "Blaine Minnesota Oh Yeah"

    This might be the new anthem for the City of Blaine.

  • Superb Eden Prairie Song Awesome

    "You call it EP" "You can live, work, and DREAM in Eden Prairie"

    Check out Bryant Lake! More local geography in this song.

  • [I Don't Regret Making] This Song About (Lakeville, Minnesota)

    "Oh Yeah! I love Lakeville, it's a wonderful place to raise your family, 55044."

    This one has more of a slower pop vibe to it, very keyboard intensive. He also goes through all of the more popular parks in Lakeville in the lyrics.

  • Coon Rapids Is a Fine Municipality

  • Let's Hear It For Burnsville, Minnesota!

  • Best Awesome Minnetonka Song

  • Apple Valley Awesome Song

  • Do You Enjoy This Song About Edina, Minnesota?

  • [If You Hate This] St. Louis Park Song (Then You're Dumb)

  • Moorhead! Moorhead! Moorhead!

  • How About Mankato, Minnesota, Eh? Isn't It Great?

  • Maplewood, Minnesota. Yes!

  • Yeah! Yeah! Shakopee, Minnesota

  • Cottage Grove Is a Fine Community

  • Pretty Good Song About Roseville, Minnesota

  • Richfield Is a Great Minnesota Place

  • Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

  • Here's a Song About Andover, Minnesota

  • Have You Ever Been to Savage, Minnesota?

  • Brooklyn Center Is the Best Community on the World

  • Oakdale Awesome Minnesota

  • City Anthem of Fridley, Minnesota

  • Good Best Winona Minnesota Song

  • Oh Yeah! Shoreview! Yeah!

  • Ramsey City Minnesota Song

  • Listen to This Song About Chaska, Ok?

  • I Love Prior Lake, Minnesota (Oh so Much)

  • White Bear Lake, Minnesota

  • Intriguing Song About Chanhassen, Minnesota

  • Champlin Is an Excellent Municipality

  • Austin, Minnesota

  • Oh! Elk River, Minnesota

  • Rosemount, Minnesota Greatest!

  • I Enjoy Crystal, Minnesota

  • Hey! Hey! Farmington! Hey!

  • New Brighton, Minnesota Song

  • Song Song Hastings Song Minnesota Excellent

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