Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - An apparent increase in COVID-19 cases in the Rochester area has led to a change in a scheduled parking enforcement policy.

The city Tuesday announced:

"After registering a spike in positive COVID-19 cases locally, city officials have elected to delay the resumption of parking enforcement in Rochester’s 14 residential permit zones.”

The city had suspended enforcement of the residential permit parking program when the pandemic began. It recently announced enforcement would resume July 1st.

Enforcement has now been suspended through Aug. 3rd.

The Olmsted County Public Health Services Dept Tuesday reported 20 new positive cases were confirmed Monday out of 221 tests.


Spokeswoman Kari Ethreim says, "Over the past three weeks we’ve noticed an increase in our COVID positive cases.  The daily average is now closer to 17 compared to 11 three weeks ago."

The current number of active cases was put at 143. So far, the county has reported a total of 1047 positive cases and 15 deaths. The number of recovered cases was listed as 889.

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