The future of transportation in Rochester will be discussed and learned tomorrow night at an open house downtown at the University of Minnesota-Rochester.

It's an open house so you can come and go as you please.  Megan Moeller, the communications coordinator for the Public Works Department in Rochester explained what it's all about Monday on Rochester's Good Morning with Rich Peterson..


Again it's a free open house from 4 until 8 Tuesday (1/24), come and go as you please or see it on facebook or get the information from the city's webpage.

What are the Integrated Transit Studies?

The DMC plan was not a blueprint but a concept for future development. The DMC plan was based on a high level assessment of conceptual needs and feasibility. The Integrated Transit Studies are refining the concepts identified in the plan. Specifically, the integrated transit studies will:

  • Explore how the DMC concepts can be built within public right of way with minimal impact to adjacent private property
  • Determine the most cost-effective use of public dollars to realize the DMC’s transportation vision
  • Allow additional opportunity for public agencies, property owners, businesses and residents to participate in the development of alternatives to implement the DMC plan concepts
  • Lay the ground work to seek federal funding for some of these projects

U.M.R. is located at 111 South Broadway, Rochester.

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