One of the many amazing things about Minnesota is there are so so so many adorable little towns with unique attractions. Even around Rochester, there are quite a few towns to check out. Over the past few months, I have spent a lot of time in Kasson and I'm growing to love it, even more, each time I visit. When you drive down Kasson's main street you will see some adorable buildings including the State Theater. In a Facebook post the other day, the owners of the Kasson State Theater said they have sold the theater to a new owner.

The owners said they would not sell it to just anyone. Their goal was to sell the theater to someone who had plans to keep operating it as a movie theater. Well... they found that person. The new owner is a local to Kasson. His name is Darin Steffl of Minnesota WiFi Wireless Internet of Southern Minnesota.

In the Facebook post, they said this is a "Bittersweet goodbye" because they raised their own kids there and have so many memories of their "kids" that worked there. They are asking if you do have any memories at the theater you share them on their Facebook Page.

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