Toms Ostrom Soap Box

Opponents and Some in the Media Trying to Derail the Trump Train

by Tom Ostrom

The Trump Revolution continues as Democrats fall further into denial and stay mute about the support of some violent obstructionists who emulate Fascism.

Meeting with job creating CEOs, already boosting the economy, strengthening border security, deporting violent criminals, stimulating “nation-ism,” and influencing the anti-globalist and border security factions overseas, Trump is on a roll.

The Democrats are battling over how far Left to go, unable to grasp the plethora of reasons why the divisive Hillary Clinton lost so many Red States, white voters, and the votes of the blue-collar male and female workers who stabilize the nation and grow the economic infrastructure.

Trump’s criticism of the biased press threatens freedom of the press? How about Obama and the DOJ wiretapping a FoxNews reporter (Jim Rosen), criticizing that network, and pressuring CBS to fire investigative reporter Sheryl Atkinson whose computer was allegedly hacked by rogue agents; and Obama criticizing Supreme Court decisions, and trying to intimidate Justice Roberts over the Affordable Care Act.

The media is trying to “delegitimize” the presidency, and Trump is fighting back. Rogue anti-Trump intelligence agents did a “Deep State Hit Job” on Lt. Gen. Flynn, speaking about threats to democracy. Obama used back channel officials to establish friendly contacts with Iranian mullahs for the so-called nuke deal.

As Obama said, “elections have consequences, and I won.” As did President Trump, whose supporters want him to carry out his agenda “To Make America Great and Safe Again.”

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