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Democrat prosecutors in New York and Washington DC are doing their best to keep Trump out of the 2024 election, accusing him of what they are doing: election interference.

Reporter Jim Hoff’s article describes an example: “After surviving perjury charges, thanks to biased Judge Scott McAfee who donated to her campaign, Fulton County Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis, said of Trump, “A train is coming.”

Fulton County Court Holds Hearings Ahead Of Trump Georgia Election Case
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Powerline’s John Hinderaker reviewed Democrat accusations about Russian collusion for years, “an entirely fabricated” assertion. Hinderaker added, “the Biden administration seeks to depose the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.” The Prime Minister rejected Democrat advice to end the war against Gaza and Hamas. Critics say the Biden administration is driven by a desire to appease Michigan Muslim voters who violently oppose Biden administration support of Israel’s self-defense response to the Palestinian-Hamas invasion of 7 October 2023.

President Joe Biden
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The Biden Administration considered limiting military aid to Israel if the Israel Defense Force (IDF) continued its assault on the Hamas stronghold of Rafah in southern Gaza. Scott Johnson of Powerline quoted Netanyahu’s public response: “The people of Israel overwhelmingly support the policies of our government, and the need for total victory.” Since the attack, Israeli policy is to oppose recognition of a Palestinian state.

Scott Johnson concluded, “Netanyahu knows he represents the consensus of Israeli popular opinion, and he gives no sign of backing down.”

Elon Musk In Israel Meets Officials To Discuss Anti-Semitism Online
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American Thinker columnist Andrea Widburg quoted President Biden on a hot mic bragging that he was “bullying” Prime Minister Netanyahu and added “in a just nasty comment” about the Jewish leader, “we are going to have a come to Jesus meeting.”

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin concluded, “Joe Biden only cares about his re-election chances.”

One can well imagine Biden’s reaction if any foreign leader tried to tell him what U.S. domestic and foreign policy should be. If a courageous reporter dared ask him that, the Biden handlers would quickly eject reporters from the room and hustle our confused president from the podium.

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