The Democrat “Open Borders” philosophy brings public safety threats and cultural repercussions. A little humor helps. Cartoonist Michael Ramirez illustrated a Caravan leader’s plea: “We need to reach the U.S. before Democrats ruin the economy.”

Well, some good news for the economy occurred at the G-20 summit between President Trump and China’s president Xi Jinping. The U.S. will not increase tariffs in return for China’s intention to buy more agricultural and industrial goods to lessen the American trade deficit.

The contemporary failure to teach and learn about American “Exceptionalism” leaves the younger generation with negative perspectives and little national pride Traditional values emphasis is taboo. In 1993, Sociologist and Democratic New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan identified the tendency of America’s elites to “Define Deviancy Down.”

These contentious political times are fueled by Leftist extremism and, yes, Trump’s own understandable but problematic commentary, fueled by the hatred of extremists like Rep. Maxine Waters who has encouraged the “mob” to harass and intimidate political opponents.

Then there is Democrat California Senator Pamela Harris, fresh from her failed attempt to block now Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Harris insulted the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, suggesting there’s a “perception” that they are like the Ku Klux Klan. I wonder if Harris knows that Civil War era Democrats founded the KKK.

The newly elected Democrat representative from New York, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez cannot explain how she would pay for her suggested freebies: “Just pay it!” She recently asserted her “perception” that the three parts of the federal government are “the chambers of the House, Senate, and Presidency,” as opposed to the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

The Republican Party needs to emulate the Democrats and place more exemplary women at all levels of government. On that long list is Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, the vice chair of the Republican Conference. Ernst brings agricultural experience and combat service as a retired Army National Guard lieutenant colonel to her leadership resume.

Nancy Pelosi, the likely Democrat Speaker of the House is a tough, successful leader and fundraiser. Pelosi was much more successful at unifying her party than was the former Speaker, “nice guy” and sometimes “Never Trumper” Paul Ryan.

Republicans need to rise to the occasion. Congress needs "to legislate, not investigate."

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