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The chaos, encampments, disturbances, anti-Semitism and police interventions on college and university campuses have been dangerous and alarming.

Mike Rowe, blue collar labor advocate and host of the TV show “Dirty Jobs,” was described by reporter Margaret Flavin as contrasting liberal arts colleges with trade schools, where Rowe was “pleased to report” that no students engaged in anti-Semitic demonstrations or called for “the extermination of Jews.” Those students are busy studying hard to obtain high paying skilled jobs without the high tuition costs and indebtedness.

American Thinker columnist Monica Showalter wrote that serious students “are shunning elite universities and fleeing to conservative Red State schools, especially in the South, and avoid “anti-meritocratic DEI (Diversity, Equity Inclusion) wokery.”

Police Clear Student Encampment on UCLA Campus
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Mike McDaniel at American Thinker, quoted Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit), advising Jewish students to head South: “Come on down. At schools like mine (University of Tennessee) intimidation and lawlessness are not tolerated.” The weather is fine, too.

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Historian Victor David Hanson in a May column from American Greatness, decried the campus antisemitism at elite universities and colleges, saying Marxist American students and visa holding students from the Middle East masked themselves, fearing no consequences, and wanted to be free to purse professional careers after graduations, but will have a rendezvous with adult accountability, public and governmental. And they won’t like what is soon coming.” Hanson said the students generally are ignorant about the geography and history of the Middle East, and of Israel’s achievements and advanced democratic nation, in contrast to the Arab nations around them. Jealousy of Israel and Jewish history is part of the problem.

Mao Speaks
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Lilly Tang Williams, a Cultural Revolution survivor in Mao’s China in the 1960s, sees a similar student-led rebellion on contemporary American campuses, saying the campus demonstrators are “naïve” and therefore being manipulated” for revolution. Tang Williams was interviewed by Fox News and Hannah Grossman in May. The Republican candidate for Congress from New Hampshire says, “the Red Guards are in action again,” and it is dangerous and fearful.

Hopefully, all of this will pass, and the next generation of college students and faculty will replace the present with more knowledge and sense.

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