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The hostile politicization and prosecutorial overreach Democrats are using to destroy former president Trump and many of his aides and supporters will hopefully be stopped by the U.S. Supreme Court, and punished with appropriate, precedent setting repercussions. Add to that, the legions of Woke prosecutors who let dangerous felons go unpunished to endanger law abiding citizens and law enforcement officers.

Cully Stimson of the Heritage Foundation in a presentation published in the Hillsdale College March issue of Imprimis, reminds us of the function of the checks on government power in the federal Constitution, and dangers posed “when district attorneys refuse to execute the laws of the land” in blue state jurisdictions. Stimson blames George Soros funding for the “progressive prosecutor movement which has led to nullifying “criminal statutes” replacing legislatures. The result: “rogue prosecutors” have facilitated “the rise of crime.”

That devastation may finally have a positive result, Stimson believes, because now voters “have ousted rogue prosecutors” in several of “America’s once great cities.”

3 Killed In Shooting On UNLV Campus
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In an American Thinker article in March, Joe Fried, an Ohio CPA, wrote an article about how Democrats and the media have ignored the violence committed by their groups, but prosecute “election deniers,” and people who have pointed out election fraud and “irregularities.”

Wisconsinites Kimberly Zapata of Milwaukee, Harry Wait of Racine, and Tina Peters of Mesa, Arizona, initiated inquiries that netted ballots they should not have had and reported it to officials.

Were they rewarded? No, they were prosecuted and threatened with jail time for their whistle blowing.

The two women were election officials, trying to prove a point about election irregularities and processes. The reporter of the article, Joe Fried, has authored the book, How Elections are Stolen, revealing “election problems that must be fixed” to secure election integrity.

Election For Mayor Held In Minneapolis
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American Thinker ‘s Allen J. Feifer’s March column listed the threats to American unity and traditional values posed by the Left and its cohorts. Feifer says patriots must unite to restore and preserve America.

The author believes radical judges and prosecutors must be challenged and replaced, and voters need to elect leaders “who speak the truth and inspire us, as Donald Trump has.”

Despite the inexplicable, anti-American, and anti-Semitic college campus chaos, political analyst Monica Showalter describes the common sense of most students in higher education. They are not participating in the hatred of the rebels.

Police Clear Student Encampment on UCLA Campus
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Showalter cites the Free Press which claims significant numbers of students are gravitating away from Ivy League universities, elite Northern colleges, and Leftist “anti-meritocratic wokery.”

Another hopeful sign is the increasing popularity of trade and vocational-technical schools and colleges where students study hard to acquire skilled, well-paying jobs instead of participating in campus riots.

NPR’s Windsor Johnston respectfully traced and described the “trade school, toolbelt generation, highlighting construction industry jobs. Also, worthy of mention, the highly skilled and responsible truck and bus driving occupations.

Hopefully, these vocational-technical professions will be the source from which future political, educational, and business leaders will emerge.

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