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The hostility, bias, and hateful Anti-Semitism displayed toward Israel and Jews in college campus demonstrations is alarming, dangerous, and inexplicable.

Demonstrators have exhibited a lack of knowledge about the history of the Jewish people who settled Israel centuries before Muslims did and revealed ignorance about the World War II Holocaust.

Besides hatred and ignorance, the animosity is fueled by jealousy because Israel has made the desert bloom with its advanced technology and stability.

Israel is literally fighting for its survival, a situation deserving of the over-used phrase, “existential threat.”

Pro-Palestinian Activists Surround White House To Protest War In Gaza
(Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

Critics of Israel, and its military victories over the terrorist Hamas in Gaza, including Biden’s Secretary of State Blinken, whose administration seeks to limit military aid to the only democracy in the Middle East, tell Israeli leaders to limit its war effort and adhere to the suicidal egalitarian concept of “proportionality; the idea that it must confine its response to limits equal to the power of its genocidal attackers.

One of the ostensible objectives of the proportionality doctrine is the protection of “innocent” Gaza civilians. American Thinker columnist Warren Beatty traced the historic World War II origins of the premise, crediting classical historian Victor Davis Hanson. Beatty cited an interview by Sharona Mazalian with Douglas Murray, who pondered the related query, “Should Israel limit itself to raping women and killing non-combatant women, elderly victims, and babies.?”

Beatty quoted Andrew McCarthy, who wrote, “The proportionality twaddle is from anti-western leftists, ever ready to rationalize jihadist barbarity which recognizes no constraints on their tactics.”

Beatty concludes with this advice for Israel: “Regardless of what the Biden administration and the rest of the world says, take action, proportionality be damned.”

Leftist proponents of doing anything for peace, do not apply their cross-cultural ecumenism to the war in the Ukraine between Russian dictator Putin and Ukraine president Zelensky. That war must continue at all costs in perpetuity.

Russian Shelling In Kharkiv Leaves Multiple Injured
(Photo by Nikoletta Stoyanova/Getty Images)

A recent global peace summit concluded in Switzerland did not include Russian representatives, but insisted Russia cede Crimean territory before peace talks occur. Ukraine was exempted, with no discussion of Ukraine ceding territory Russian troops have occupied. China’s support for Russia and peace talk ideas were ignored.

Breitbart’s Kurt Zindulka concluded, “On top of that, the Biden Administration signed a 10-year bilateral security deal with Ukraine in which the United States is committed to continue providing arms and military training for at least the next decade.”

Some observers questioned the legality and constitutionality of that long term commitment that would prevent policy changes by a future president.

Breitbart political reporter Wendell Husebo cited Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green’s criticism of alleged political capitulation to Zelensky’s war. Green blamed Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson for allowing Biden’s legislative agenda to pass, Green asserted, to “Make Ukraine Great Again.”

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