There are so many kiddos out there that deal with food allergies, which makes life hard. They can not just go to places. They have to plan ahead to make sure that they don't have a reaction to anything.

According to Fox 47, the Food Allergies Rochester Minnesota is trying to ensure that kiddos with food allergies have a great Halloween this year. They are doing this through a national project called the Teal Pumpkin Project. They are asking that households that are giving away non-food treats on Halloween place a teal pumpkin outside their house, so kiddos with food allergies know it is a safe stop. These houses normally give out toys and trinkets instead of candies that may contain dairy or nuts.

The organization is asking that if you are going to be a teal pumpkin house, that you register online. That way parents with kids that have allergies can map out their trick-or-treating route. The cool thing is the website even has an interactive map where you can find houses around you that are allergy-friendly.

So why teal? Teal is the color of the Food Allergy Research and Education organization. They wanted to keep things consistent across the country, so that is why they have chosen teal.

The goal of this project has always been to make kiddos with allergies feel like they are included in the fun of Halloween. It's so great to see so many communities come together to put a smile on kiddo's faces.

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