Winona, MN (KROC AM News) - Criminal proceedings are expected to resume for a Winona man who is accused of killing his roommate with a hammer.

Winona County jail
Winona County jail

A judge has ruled 33-year-old Steven Miller is mentally competent and an August 8th court hearing has been scheduled that could result in a trial date.

Miller is facing second degree murder and arson charges in the 2019 death of 55-year-old David Seaman, whose body was found in his home after a fire was put out.

An autopsy found he had multiple skull fractures and no evidence of smoke inhalation and his death was ruled a homicide. A can of camp stove fuel was also found in his home, the apparent source of the fire. Investigators later determined Miller had purchased an identical can just hours before the fire was reported.

The criminal complaint says Miller told investigators he had lived with the victim.

He said he was “pretty sure” he attacked the victim and “hit him with a hammer” while he was high on methamphetamine and mushrooms. Miller said he was in a “rage induced drug coma” at the time but wasn’t angry with the victim. 

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