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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Rochester Police Department has issued a community notification concerning the pending release of a Level 3
sex offender into the community.

33-year-old William Lee Carter has been approved for discharge from the Stillwater State Prison next Tuesday. A Police Department news release says Carter has a history of sexual contact with a known female child and used his position of trust to exploit the victim.

photo supplied by Rochester Police Dept.
photo supplied by Rochester Police Dept.

He is currently finishing up a 27-month prison sentence for his conviction on a charge of escape from custody stemming from an incident in 2021. Carter previously served a 12-year prison sentence for a first-degree criminal sexual conduct conviction in 2011.

The Police Department is indicating that Carter will be moving into a housing facility on the County Campus after he is released from custody.


The Police Department has also issued a community notification for a civilly committed predatory offender who is being provisionally discharged from the Minnesota Sex Offender Program by judicial order.

photo supplied by Rochester Police Dept.
photo supplied by Rochester Police Dept.

The notification says 41-year-old Kurt Jennings has a history of sexually assaulting juvenile girls and adult women, both acquaintances and strangers. He also has a history of using force and threats against his victims. He is categorized as a Level 2 sex offender.

Jennings is also moving into the facility at the Olmsted County Campus near the Federal Medical Center. He is expected to arrive in Rochester next Wednesday.

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