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Rochester, Mn (KROC-AM News) - The Olmsted County Board voted today to approve the county's 2023 budget and property tax levy.

When combined with the County Housing and Redevelopment Authority, the overall spending plan totals nearly $335 million. The overall budget for the County is about $295 million, which includes $108 million for general fund expenses, almost $24 million for capital projects, and $12.7 million for debt service.

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The spending plans are supported by the county's $119.4 million property tax levy and the over $4.5 million HRA levy. The County property tax levy for 2023 will be up 5.9% when compared to the current levy and the HRA levy is increasing by about $630,000, or 16%.

The County Commissioners also voted today to approve salary increases for themselves and other elected county officials. The annual pay for serving on the County Board will increase by about $2000 next year to just under $52,500.

The annual salaries for the Olmsted County Attorney and Sheriff are going up about 4% next year. County Attorney Mark Ostrem will be paid almost $197,400 and Sheriff Kevin Torgerson's pay will rise to just over $159,500.

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