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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Destination Medical Center’s Corporation Board of Directors was given a summary Thursday of how its development plan has evolved since it was adopted several years ago.

The comprehensive plan that was approved by the Rochester City Council in 2015 is designed to serve as a blueprint for development in the DMC zone.

Included in the report is a summary of accomplishments, including new construction of commercial and Mayo Clinic buildings and public infrastructure.

A jobs summary is also in the report and it says “Rochester added approximately 7,700 positions over the past five years, which represents 25 percent of the 30,000 goals.The greatest percentage of added positions is found in education and health services sectors (71 percent). The average wage across 5,432 positions is $80,496 a year, which is above Rochester’s 2018 area median income.


So what businesses and individuals are checking out Rochester these days?

 According to another report reviewed by the DMC Board, visitors to the DMC website in July were from around the country. The top 5 states were:  Minnesota, New York, Illinois, District of Columbia, and California.  The top 5 cities outside of Rochester were: Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, Washington, and Little Rock.

Where do YOU plan to retire?


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