Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Kemps ice cream plant along North Broadway in Rochester was evacuated late last night due to an ammonia leak.

The Rochester Fire Department first responded to the Mayo Civic Center around 11:15 Friday night to check on a suspicious odor and detected the smell of ammonia outside the building. The source was traced to the Kemps facility and the occupants of the homeless shelter at the Mayo Civic Center were instructed to remain inside the building as a precaution.

A news release says the Rochester fire crews found the employees at the Kemps plant had evacuated the building due to an ammonia line leak that was venting to the exterior. The firefighters accompanied Kemps staff inside the building to make sure the leak had stopped and to assist with monitoring and ventilation.

The roads directly south of the plant were temporarily closed as a precaution. It was noted that the ammonia odor could be detected several blocks to the south but the Kemps facility was the only building that was evacuated during the incident. No injuries were reported.

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