Left-Wing University of Chicago professor Saul Alinsky spelled out the strategy of shutting down debate by demonizing political opponents and controlling opposition thought and speech. Alinsky sought to teach others the art of marginalizing and ostracizing conservative and moderate opponents by ridiculing and falsely painting critics as extremists. “Political correctness” and labeling political and ideological opponents as practitioners of “racism” and “hate speech” have been added to the arsenal of the contemporary Left, Socialists and radical Democrats to achieve Alinsky’s ends.

Public shaming and threatened or actual physical assaults on the opposition, and contemporary supporters of President Trump have emerged as contemporary strategies to supplement the Alinsky method and suppress the public support of the traditional, moderate and Republican members of the electorate.

The physical violence exhibited by the Leftist mob, exemplified in the thuggery of the so-called Antifa movement illuminates the tactics and extremism of the Far Left. Public exposure of donors to political opponents and confrontations are other elements of Leftist extremism. Some radical public officials and politicians have ordered law enforcement personnel to “stand down” in the face of Antifa outrages, riots, and violent attacks.

Charles Kesler, professor of government at Claremont McKenna College in CA, has analyzed the PC movement the culture out of which it has evolved, and its impact on free speech, politics and public discourse.

I have researched his biography, read comments about him by Powerline commentator Scott Johnson, and saw Mark Levin’s interview of Kesler in July 2019 on Fox News. Kesler dissects the political correctness and political hostility of Western intellectuals and the Progressive Movement and contends there is a crisis due to the decline of Western values and loss of pride and certitude about Western philosophical traditions. We have, he claims lost “the courage of our convictions” in the name of “tolerance” and self-criticism, unsure of the Western intellectual heritage.

Professor Kesler said “political correctness” is now "Democratic Party orthodoxy” that he compares to “a medieval established religion. There is an Inquisition, Index of forbidden books and thoughts and speech.” A liturgy of what you’re not supposed to read or think. A strict moral patrol…. to police thought and behavior.” And, I would say, a political and academic movement to intimidate and silence the “heretics” and “deplorables” of modern times.

Kesler concludes these Leftists beliefs and actions are "the antithesis of freedom.” Freedom of thought, speech, civil discourse, and compromise.

It seems the intellectual and political “progress” being offered up by the so-called “Progressives” is not progress at all. How do we stop this Orwellian onslaught and reclaim our freedom? Perhaps by recovering, respecting and teaching the Western Euro-American, Greco-Roman, and Judao-Christian heritage, the evolution of Western science and literature and their significant global antecedents. We need to teach the principles of Western Civilization in our schools and colleges, and encourage open, congenial and diverse conversations again.

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