Islamic (ISIS) terrorists are brutally expanding in Syria and Iraq. Islamists are killing other Muslims; destroying mosques and churches; and threatening, killing, and expelling Christians from the towns where Judaism, Christianity, and Islam originated.

Prevailing silence about this from the international community and Christian leaders is inexplicable. But Pope Francis approved “Just War” as President Obama finally used air power against ISIS to prevent genocide, provide humanitarian aid, and protect Americans. ISIS must be destroyed, not contained.

On illegal immigrants across the U.S. border, clerical leaders humanely ask for tolerance, compassion, and funding, but seem to minimize issues of sovereignty, law breaking, national security, health risks, crime, attacks on Border Patrol, costs, and precedents posed by the deluge.

Some clergy may see potential congregants in the pews. Politicians see future Democrats. Christian family service organizations have received federal funding to care for the “Unaccompanied Alien Children.”

Non-Latin Americans from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia have also been sneaking across the porous Tex-Mex border. Gang members (notorious MS-13 thugs) who accompanied and abused the refugees are recruiting new members.

Laws and secure borders define nationhood. Congress and the executive branch seem incapable of legislating and resolving these issues, enforcing our laws, or defending our borders.

The illegal immigrant flow will not end until the border is militarized, more and better barriers are built, and enticing entitlements end, and employers of undocumented aliens are fined and prosecuted.

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