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Dooley's Pub, in Downtown Rochester, has closed for the third time, this time due to repeated violations of Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’s Executive Order 20-74 regarding Covid-19 precautions.

According to Olmsted County Public Health Services (OCPHS) Director Graham Briggs,

Our environmental staff have reached out to Dooley’s management to help them come into compliance and maintain compliance with no success...We owe it to our residents and businesses who are complying with the Governor’s Executive Order, to not allow willful violators to disregard or endanger the health of their employees, neighbors, and community members.

OCPHS staff says the violations include lack of physical distancing by staff and customers, lack of mask-wearing by staff and customers, and failing to restrict the number of building occupants to 50% or less of the normal occupancy requirement.

Rochester City Council Member Micheal Wojcik shared a video to his YouTube channel on Friday (Sept 18) showing unmasked bartenders walking on the bar pouring shots into people's mouths:

Because of this, Dooley's has been shut down for 72 hours and "must remain closed until Dooley’s can demonstrate compliance and enforcement of its COVID-19 Preparedness Plan...". If they're in compliance, they'll be allowed to open again.

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