Maybe I am late to the party with this tidbit, but I ditched cable TV/services more than 10 years ago. Spectrum announced recently that it will only be offering new customers streaming-only services, and is dropping set-top boxes for most customers unless they are specifically requested. So what does that mean for current Spectrum customers?

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According to "With this change, current Spectrum TV customers can keep their cable TV boxes if they want, but new customers will only get the streaming option with Xumo. The good news is the new streaming players are about half the monthly cost of Spectrums cable TV boxes. Also, you can buy them outright for $60 and pay no monthly fee."

You've got to like that buying option for the new box, I hate having all those extra fees added to monthly bills. went on to write that by Spectrum moving towards just streaming options rather than traditional cable TV it will be able to focus more on its internet offerings, and increase bandwidth using the existing network. Personally,

I think most people who subscribe to Spectrum are really only after the internet, as it offers some great high-speed options, and it's relatively inexpensive when you bundle. 

So with the new streaming option, and the ability to buy your streaming box, there must be a price difference, right? No, it doesn't appear that the price for 'cable' from Spectrum will be changing at this time.

Do you like this idea? Or are you over cable TV?

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