It seems that the Democrat campaign strategy for the coming election year is a continued barrage of hate, obstruction, and demonization.

The hate and smear campaigns against Republicans, President Trump, and even dissenting and moderate Democrats is ironical, given the claims of “tolerance” from the party that originated the concept of “hate crimes,” a politically correct attempt to control thought and speech.

Democrat politicians who try to compromise with President Trump and the Republicans are criticized by their party. In September, Arizona Democrats considered a censure vote against Senator Kyrsten Sinema. American Thinker Fletch Daniels reported that Sinema was criticized for being “too pro-Trump,” even though she usually voted against the president’s policies. She voted with Trump only 19% of the time. Among those votes, Sinema supported President Trump’s interior secretary and voted for Trump’s attorney general, William Barr.

The Democrats revealed their rank hypocrisy on several fronts. The party that colluded with the Hillary Clinton political campaign and the Obama White House to contact foreign sources for dirt on Trump were outraged when Trump contacted Ukrainian authorities about then Obama vice president Joe Biden’s political and financial threats to Ukrainian authorities for their investigation of Biden’s son Hunter’s alleged benefits and privileges granted by Ukrainian energy tycoons. But no media outrage when the media eviscerates Trump’s family or when Democrat committees subpoenaed the Trump “children” looking for corruption and abuse of power. Biden political supporters even had the audacity to write to TV media outlets demanding that they keep President Trump’s leading attorney Rudy Giuliani off their guest lists, probably because his counterpoints to Democrat attacks on the president are too effective.

2020 presidential candidate Biden accused Trump of “abuse of power” for daring to look into alleged Biden family corruption and collusion. Then Biden heatedly criticized reporters for daring to question him about the matter.

The Democrat hate fest has been fueled by a media and political establishment “Swamp” that has not accepted Trump’s 2016 election victory.

There are other reasons for the animosity. The Left hates the “deplorable” conservatives who threaten their power and the so-called Obama Legacy. The anti-Trumpers describe Republicans as evil, racist, xenophobic extremists. They also hate Trump’s resistance and persistence and want future independent political “outsiders” to get the message that they dare not challenge the wiser Leftist Establishment in the media, academia, and politics ever again.

Political analyst Fletch Daniels aptly synthesized the political reality: “Trump represents something different. He fights back. His first allegiance is to his voters and not compromise with a corrupt Democrat establishment.”

President Trump cannot be bought or controlled. He is a problem solver, not inclined to, as so many politicians are, “kick the can down the road.” The Democrats and RINO Republicans cannot abide that precedent.

Bipartisanship and compromise, the traditional art of politics and statesmanship seem to be lost arts in these contentious times.

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