Townhall reporter Lauretta Brown said President Trump told a British audience loose border and immigration policies are why “you are losing your culture.”

The relative pluses and minuses of culture change should be respectfully discussed and evaluated. The nature of culture change and “cultural clash” require honest analysis. The United States and Europe are being significantly affected by open borders and culture change, and require a cost-benefit analysis.

Judicial Watch acquired more than 1,000 federal documents that allegedly chronicle what bureaucrats call Significant Incident Reports that, according to Gateway Pundit reporter Christina Laila, illustrate how Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) have been escorted into the United States and threatened and abused along the way by MS-13 gang members. Hundreds of MS-13 gang members have been classified as UACs, and have been placed in detention centers where they have assaulted legitimate UACs and staff members. This situation occurred in the processing practices of the Obama administration and are continuing.

The ignorance and impact of politicians and protestors who advocate the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency ignore the fact that ICE agents bravely track, apprehend, incarcerate and deport dangerous and violent criminals. The short-sighted anti-ICE mania was illuminated by CBS News in San Francisco that reported federal agents served a search warrant on an immigrant house allegedly involved in juvenile sex trafficking. Still, there were anti-ICE demonstrators at that site, seemingly unconcerned about that reality.

Katie Pavlich ( reported in July that ICE arrested dozens of illegal aliens in the sanctuary city of Newark New Jersey, most of whom had committed violent crimes and other “serious criminal offenses.” Former acting ICE director Thomas Homan told the Daily Caller in July, “We have arrested terrorists inside the U.S and deported them.”

Townhall reporter Mark Vespa wrote that popular left-wing Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders challenged the Left’s demand that ICE be abolished. Sanders said ICE should be reorganized, not abolished, and suffered criticism from the extremists. Intercept co-founder Jeremy Scahill accused Sanders of “taking a weak and morally timid position on ICE,” and of being “on the wrong side of history on this issue.”

Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison was quoted in the Daily Caller as saying national borders create “an injustice” by keeping Mexicans from getting jobs in America. Ellison wants to be the state attorney general. Abolish the U.S. border! Ellison seems oblivious to the negative impact of illegal immigration on the job access and wages of Black Americans as well.

Critics of several FBI officials who allegedly tried to prevent the presidency of Donald Trump are called “anti-police” by some Democrats, some of whom have previously been anti-police in their rhetoric and support of real anti-police groups.

Locally, there is an anti-ICE group in Pine Island, Minnesota that opposes the proposed building of an ICE illegal immigration detention center that supporters claim would provide security and employment opportunities in the region.

A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that 56% of the respondents think the Democratic Party is “extreme.” Just 33% said “mainstream.”

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