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St Paul (KROC AM News) - Governor Tim Walz stirred up the Minnesota Twitter community Wednesday evening with a one-line tweet about marijuana:

“It's time to legalize adult-use cannabis and expunge cannabis convictions in Minnesota.”

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Holds Press Conference
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The tweet was made on April 20, or 420 - a date many use to celebrate the use of marijuana.

The tweet also drew a large number of responses, some showing support and some questioning his suggestion about the legalization of pot. Some also questioned the suggestion about erasing pot-related criminal convictions.

One tweet read: ”Great news, you can do a lot to make this happen! Show us you’re making a real effort and not just sending a tweet.”

Here's another: "Why expunge previous convictions? Was it not illegal when committed? Do I get all my fines back for speeding when the limit was 55?"

Another said: “The amount of opposition actually surprises me, legalizing cannabis would be great for our state, creating so many jobs and so much extra income. We’ve got an opportunity to have some of the best cannabis in the states, let’s capitalize on that.”

A man identified as Keith Thompson had this comment: “I am a pastor who often deals with the issues that this drug and others has on individuals and families. May I charge the state for the time it takes to help people or send them to the governor’s mansion for help? My friends in law enforcement are opposed to this.”

Earlier this year, the Democratic governor asked the legislature to consider legalizing pot for adults and even proposed setting up a new state agency that would provide oversight of the state’s recreational marijuana program.

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