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An armed robbery Tuesday at the Colfax, Iowa, Casey's convenience store ended with no one being hurt, no money stolen, and well calmed down alleged armed robber when a customer intervened.

(KCCI - Link in story)
(KCCI - Link in story)

According to KCCI, the store clerks were hiding in the office, calling 911 and Brice Gathercole was inside the Casey's buying ice and started talking to the alleged thief.

“I just pulled up. I was walking in to get a bag of ice...I came up to the counter, and there’s this gentleman standing behind the counter with a gun stuffing his pockets full of cigarettes...I just started talking to him, you know, trying to keep everything nice and calm and cool, you know, asking if he needed any help or if he needed a ride somewhere. Anything to get him kind of calm and relaxed" said Gathercole on KCCI.

The man was pointing the gun at Brice and just as calmly as you please, he told the man he was trying to help him, and would he mind pointing the gun somewhere else?

Gathercole said, "And he looked away just for a second. I grabbed the barrel of the gun, pulled it off to my side and then took it away from him.” (Source)

Colfax Police Department (Google)
Colfax Police Department (Google)

He could see the police gathering outside so he walked out with the gun above his head and that was that. The Colfax Police Chief Andy Summy said Brice is a hero, but as usual, the hero disagrees. See that in the video report here.

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