Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The woman caught driving drunk in Rochester last weekend with several young children in her car was caught doing the same thing earlier this year in the Twin Cities. The woman is also in the process of losing custody of her kids - all ten of them.

Arrested Saturday was 40-year-old Tasha Schleicher, who had recently lived in the Twin Cities. Officers found her breastfeeding her month old baby after they pulled her over for driving erratically with four other kids in the car. She was arrested on suspicion of DUI and a test found she had a blood/alcohol level of .17.

It was in May when witnesses reported seeing Schleicher running red lights, cutting off other drivers and driving erratically in New Hope. Police arrived to find her vehicle stopped on the shoulder of a road passed out - and three kids playing in the street. Her BAC that time was .16  She was also 7 months pregnant.

Because of that incident and numerous others, Hennepin County human services officials went to court seeking legal custody of her children. They have also filed papers to take custody of the baby.

Court records show Schleicher has eleven children, ranging in age from the one month old infant to 16 years. One is living with its father.

The records also indicate officials have been able to identify four known fathers of the children.

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