Looking for a fun road trip?  There is a house in Minnesota that you are welcome to come by and smell.  Yes, I said smell.  You'll see why...

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The House You Can Smell For Free in Minnesota

I promise, this house does not smell like a teenager who forgot to put deodorant on.  I've had those kids in my house, I've picked them up after high school football practice and had a moment where I thought I might need to burn my car.  This is NOT that smell.

A house that many in Minnesota visit every year, has one of the best smells ever.  The area where most of us have grass is covered in something that is very aromatic.

Here's Why The House in Minnesota Smells

If you love the smell of flowers, a house at the corner of Humboldt Ave & W 25th Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is going to be one of your new favorite things!

Hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous tulips fill the yard and make this area a famous centerpiece while they are in bloom.  FYI, that is happening right now.  Grab the kids, make sure you have your phone or your camera, and go check out The Tulip House in Minneapolis, Minnesota before the flowers disappear.

Photo by krystina rogers on Unsplash
Photo by krystina rogers on Unsplash
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PSA: The tulip house at W 25th St and Humboldt Ave S is in bloom! (Bonus pic: how they’re keeping squirrels away)
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