Imagine having a million-dollar lottery ticket and not knowing it? You have to check your numbers! Or worse, imagine knowing you have that ticket but not knowing where it is. You would lose your mind if the numbers you selected every week were drawn, but you weren’t able to find the ticket!

The Minnesota Lottery says there are millions of dollars worth of prizes that they haven’t been able to pay out because the winners haven’t come forward with their tickets. Below you'll see info including the name of the lotto game, the location the ticket was purchased, and the winning amount.

This might be a good time to go through your junk drawer and double check those lotto tickets.

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Million Dollar Tickets Unclaimed in Minnesota

A $1,821,926 Gopher 5 ticket was purchased at the Speedway on Birch St. in St Joseph on December 16th, 2022.

In late July, a $1-million Mega Millions ticket was sold at the Casey's General Store on University Ave. in Fridley.

Unclaimed Minnesota Raffle Tickets

MN Lottery
MN Lottery

Several Minnesota Raffle tickets are still unclaimed including a $1-million ticket sold in Oak Park Heights.

$100,000 tickets were sold in Oak Grove and in Champlin, and a $25,000 ticket sold in Albert Lea.

Unclaimed Powerball Tickets

MN Lottery
MN Lottery

Seven $50,000 Powerball tickets are still out there.

They were sold in Aitkin, Baxter, Ramsey, Columbus, Outing, Waite Park, and Navarre.

Unclaimed North 5 Prizes

MN Lottery
MN Lottery

Lottery officials list 2 winning tickets ($39,462) sold at the Holiday on 40th Ave in Rochester in December. *This could be a typo the lottery site because the winning amount, date, and location are all the same. OR maybe the person bought two tickets with the same numbers?!?

A $27,671 ticket was sold on 12-27 at the Speedway in Elk River and a $41,096 was sold earlier this week at the Neighbor Stop in Coon Rapids.

What about scratch tickets? Lottery officials say, "you have one year from the date a game closes to claim a prize." Check Claimable Scratch Games to see if you have a lucky ticket. Visit the Minnesota Lottery online for more info on unclaimed prizes.

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