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Today on KROC NEWS, the Rochester Today Show featured Jim Walters gave us this thought....when we have all this information available to us, we can use it one of two ways. To make our ego happy or to make our brain happy. Feelings over good thinking.

Businessman trying to solve a maze questions

That's a pretty bold statement, right? As we look at the way we interact on social media and in person, there's no reason we HAVE to feel attacked, feel uncomfortable around opposing viewpoints, and miss out on a learning opportunity.

How Is Critical Thinking Like A Smart Thermostat?

Room wall temperature thermostat turn dial to set
Egocentric Thermostat (JerryB7)

Right from Jim's workshee4t:

  • Egocentric Thermostat – It’s about heating and cooling. Closed to new thought/non-learning. Accurately reports current temperature, but only reacts too hot or cold.
  • Smart Thermostats, tho, are the Fair-Minded Thermostats – It’s about comfort. Open to new thought/learner. Is proactive as it continually seeks answers to associated topics such as the current humidity and
    velocity of the air from the conditioning system.

What Is This Critical Thinking Experiment?

Jim Walters
Jim Walters (Facebook)

Jim Walters called it an exercise in thinking, but its an experiment for Andy and James asking you to get involved. Join them in working the worksheet, and in a couple weeks, check in with them to say how it went for you.

The Exercise

First Thing in the Morning – Overcome your natural egocentric tendencies in order to discover how to make better decisions.

#1. Take 5 minutes to think about these biases:

 It’s true because I believe it.
 It’s true because we believe it.
 It’s true because I want to believe it.
 It’s true because I have always believed it.
 It’s true because it is in my selfish interest to believe it.

(Jim Walters)
(Jim Walters)

#2. Focus on one of the biases each day and see if you can identify a situation where you might have allowed the bias to dominate your thinking. Also, listen for the bias in what others say.

Just click HERE to download the worksheet so you can keep it near your bed or in the bathroom and try it out.

Just Five Minutes (Bolkins)

Jim Walters Thermostat Show Experiment Handout - August 13

If you'd like to let them know you're trying, email James Rabe here and he'll make sure to check in and see if you want to join them on the air.

If you'd like to connect directly with Jim Walters:

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Private 1960 Hilltop Rochester Minnesota Home Has Hidden Pool

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Plus, its super private, just up the hill from Bamber Valley Elementary. Most of the homes in that area are a marvel to see (take a walk up there sometimes, I think you'd really like it. Lots of trees and homes set way back). 

Enjoy this home at 2410 Hillside Lane SW in Rochester. It could be yours for just under $900,000.

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