Madison, WI, (KROC-AM News) - A La Crosse dentist has been sentenced to six years in federal prison for tax evasion.

A news release from the US Attorney for Western Wisconsin says 71-year-old Frederick Kriemelmeyer was accused of scheming to evade paying income tax by directing patients to pay him in cash or by check with the payee lines left blank. It was also alleged that he paid his business and personal expenses with cash or third-party checks. Federal prosecutors say those offenses occurred from at least 2013 through 2015.

Prior to that, Kriemelmeyer was ordered by a federal judge in 2007 to pay the IRS over $135,000 for unpaid income taxes, which had grown to over $450,000 in owed taxes, interest, and penalties by 2012. In addition to the prison sentence, Kriemelmeyer was also ordered to pay almost $227,000 in restitution to the federal government.

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