Since Friday morning, southern Minnesota has been hammered by round after round of excessive rainfall, resulting in high rainfall totals and flooding.

Northern Minnesota received upwards to seven or eight inches of rain earlier in the week, this weekend southern Minnesota was the recipient of the rains.

Minnesota Rain Totals: Friday through Sunday Morning

  • Mankato: 8.84"
  • Austin: 6.60"
  • Kasson: 5.61"
  • Waseca: 5.51"
  • Faribault: 5.19"
  • Chatfield: 5.16"
  • Winona: 4.96"
  • Stewartville: 4.78"
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  • St. Charles: 4.43"
  • Rochester: 4.40"
  • Owatonna: 4.36"
  • Northfield: 3.83"
  • Albert Lea: 2.85"
  • Red Wing: 2.40"
  • Lakeville: 2.01"
National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Despite the threat of severe storms across southern Minnesota on Monday, it looks as though this week should be much calmer and drier, but flooding across the area will continue to be a problem for the foreseeable future. Much of the area remains under a Flood Warning.

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